Aug 31, 2012

DC Unveils Their Minimalist Poster Series!

I recently bought a number of fan comic prints from a number of sites. I'm in the middle of redecorating and I wanted to have some unique wall candy based around comic books I liked. Had I known DC were going to produce a unique art series, I might have waited and given my money directly to the source. The company recently announced a line of collectible posters that truly surprised me with their sheer variety, yet they all shared a similar, minimalist theme.

Available in 12x18" ($19.95) and 24x36" ($34.95) varieties the posters hone in on DC's most prominent characters and themes, including iconic location posters (including Crime Ally) and a number of storyline-centric designs based around vehicles, locations, heroes and villains. Check out the full collection after the break!

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