Aug 30, 2012

Music Video Roundup - C2C, Bombay Bicycle Club

C2C's Arcade track is a smattering of quick firing geometric shapes, mirrored kaleidoscopic imagery, free falling, baroque flavored samples and a heavy emphasis on scratch.

The French electro/hip-hop group first got their start in 1998 as a collective of 4 DJ's who took the original approach of all using turntables in harmony, with each member utilizing their turntables as individual instruments. 'Arcades' represents their tightest work yet, in my opinion.

Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Lights Out, Words Gone' isn't a new track, but I've seen at least a half dozen takes on a music video at this point, all with a relatively similar, chill feel. The latest take comes in the form of an 'against the wall' concept directed by Rob&Rob, with an emphasis on capturing the feel of summer. The UK indie rockers track definitely has some staying power, if it's managed to inspire this many people to create music videos for it over the last year or os.

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