Aug 28, 2012

Natural Selection 2 Gets Exosuits

If you haven't had a chance to play Unknown Worlds' excellent RTS/FPS hybrid yet, let me ask you..What are you waiting for at this point? I've been playing the game since early beta (The game is following a Minecraft-esque development cycle), and the feature creep has been nothing short of awe inspiring. In a nutshell, the game pits two assymetrical, yet balanced sides against each other (Aliens and Marines) in a conquest mode based around resource points. Capturing and holding these points allow a designated commander (Who sees the game in an RTS mode) on each side to research new tech, unlock new unit types and build structures during the course of a game.

With the addition of the exosuit, the marine side gains it's equivalent of the Onos (The alien behemoth in the trailer). The game is ridiculously fun, unlike any other FPS out there, and it boasts an excellent community through which I've made a couple of new friends. If you're looking for a fresh new experience, look no further. Get the game via their website!

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