Aug 22, 2012

Hunkin' By Nathan Barnatt Is Beautifully Awkward

Nathan Barnatt, best known for playing Keith Apicary in 'Talking Classics,' getting kicked out of a few conventions and busting some serious dance moves in Madeon's Pop Culture isn't afraid to show off just how uh..Hunking he is. Sporting some fine leopard print pants, a seriously epic Tiger shirt (Ladies) and one of the best do's to grace a man's scalp, this video is a barrage of awkward hilarity that will collide with the pleasure and discomfort cortexes of your brain simultaneously. If you can't handle the hotness, this video might make your head explode

And if that wasn't enough awkwardness for you, one of the members of the 'Hunkin' crew uploaded a full video of some of his attempts at interaction in the wild, clad in some seriously smoking 70's creeper apparel. Gotta love the beige!

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