Aug 15, 2012

Team Fortress 2 - Mann Vs Machine 'Pay 2 Play' Confusion (Mann Up Internet!)

Literally. (Via)
Today was a dark day as the internet readied the unwarranted pitchforks and torches. Mann Vs Machine is a new game mode for Team Fortress 2 and we, the Awesome-Robo team, have been pretty hyped about it. We posted about the first update on Monday (which was received pretty well) though today's announcement has made the internet pretty angry, and you wouldn't like the internet when it gets angry. It was announced today that certain features within the game would involve a type of microtransaction pay model which, quite frankly Valve worded pretty poorly, resulting in a lot of confusion. So I decided to post a short explanation to clear things up! It's time for 'Breaking It Down with Daniel©!'

The controversy started with the announcement of a ticket that will be purchased within the game. This ticket will let you play on dedicated 'Mann Co.' servers, unlocking a mode called Tour of Duty, which is only playable through buying a ticket for Mann Up Mode, costing $0.99. A ticket is for single use, but if you disconnect in anyway that doesn't involve completing the mission you keep the ticket. A Squad Surplus Voucher is the exact same concept, but basically costs $1.99 and allows all players in a single party to play Mann Up mode. The Mann Vs Machine game mode is free, and always will be. The missions are available for all players. Paying will let you access items at the end of the game, and keep track of the missions you have completed. Valve isn't restricting your ability to play with a transaction model, they are restricting the drops to ticket holders. It's no different than paying for a virtual hat or item in the store, and not all Valve servers will be 'Mann Up' dedicated. Basically: If you don't want to pay, you can still play everything the mode has to offer, you just won't get a hat.

Now that's over, can't we be excited Valve has given us a game mode that most other companies would have forgotten and deactivated a long time ago? This October Team Fortress 2 will be 5 years old, and it's still as loved now as it was when the game was being hyped. Personally, I'll be playing this mode all night and have a smile on my face whilst I do it. Won't you all join me as we face down the true enemy....our hat-wearing robot overlords?

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