Apr 30, 2013

Dexter Meets Robotic Singularity in 'ABE'

Killer robots are a dime a dozen in modern day cinema, but not everyday do they show serial killer characteristics. Rob McLellan's ABE is a dark and haunting short featuring a an AI who has reached a level of self-awareness that results in some 'dark tendencies.' With subtle nuances to the film Silence of The Lambs and the popular Showtime series, Dexter, this short is a truly twisted tale that deserves to be expanded on.

With a budget of almost nothing, Rob McLellan not only wrote and directed this fantastic short, but also created the films CG animation himself. The entire short is an awesome feat for an up-and-coming director, but it's the films writing that really pulled me in. There's something inherently unsettling about a computerized voice explaining it's method for madness, especially when it sounds so comparable to other famous serial killers.

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