Apr 23, 2013

The World Of Kairos Comes To Life

Studio La Cachette was formed by four Les Gobelins students, and unsurprisingly, their trailer 'Kairos' looks amazing.  This hand-drawn, 2D animation is a promo for the upcoming French comic of the same name. With a style somewhat influenced by Studio Ghibli and a feel reminiscent of a mix between Legend of Zelda and a Team Ico game, the trailer sent a pleasant chill down our spine.

There's something wonderfully old school about the entire premise, but the presentation is downright exciting, colorful and excellently animated, begging for a longer length animated treatment. Ankama has a history of creating elaborate promos for their upcoming comics, like 2011's absolutely kickass 'Teotl' mech series.

Images courtesy of Ankama publishing.
'The epic plot follows the story of Nills and his girlfriend, AnaĆ«lle who harbors a deep, ancient secret which ultimately results in her capture by creatures from another world. In his quest to save his beloved, Nills ultimately embarks on an amazing journey into a fantastical world that will change his life forever.'

We were fortunate enough to receive a ten page preview of the comic (Realized by Ulysse Malassagne) as well, showing off the distinct style that got translated perfectly into an animated form by the talented folks at Ankama studios (Wakfu animated series), check it out after the break!

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