Apr 23, 2013

Sefuri ILC High School! Particle Accelerators And Anime Collide

A few times a year we receive videos that are so baffling that we're left in stunned silence afterwards, unable to comprehend what we just experienced. Sefuri High School falls into this category. While we initially thought it was a fun musical/anime mashup created to help students and the general public better understand how particle accelerators work, narrating the lives of a positron and electron high school student, we'd never heard of an 'ILC,' only the existing LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

The passion is palpable.
After a little bit of digging around we found out that the ILC (International Linear Collider) is a plan for a linear particle accelerator that is currently in development and being considered in three locations around the world: Japan (Sefuri), Europe (CERN) and the US (Fermilab). The difference between the LHC and IHC mainly consists of the paths that they use, with a linear pathed collider being capable of gauging particle collisions with little energy loss (Known as synchtron radiation) to offer an alternate way to study 'god' particles like the Higgs boson and dark matter. That's about as layman as I can get in terms of describing it.

The collider is set to be anywhere from 19-30 miles long, or ten times bigger than the longest existing particle accelerator currently situated as Stanford University. With a proposed completion date of 2026, it's still a long ways off but the location is set to be determined before the beginning of construction in 2015. Due to the Japanese government's willingness to pay for over half of the building costs (Currently estimated at $20-25 billion). If Sefuri does end up getting the bid, we demand a full high school anime drama series narrating the adventures of positron and electron in their quest to big bang...Wait a minute.

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