Apr 25, 2013


Featuring a badass female protagonist for a change, Hybrids is a proof of concept scifi short from animator turned director/writer Patrick Kalyn, who's worked on projects including Avatar, District 9 and other blockbusters at WETA digital, the Embassy and other VFX houses. Featuring an embattled protagonist getting payback on aliens who rid her of her loved one, the action oriented short centers around a few set pieces to sell it's concept. While the story isn't revolutionary in any sense, it's nice to see some directors re-embracing the concept of leading female heroines. If you think about it, where's this generations equivalent of the Ripley archetype?

These types of shorts are dependent on their viral pull to get the attention of the larger studios as viable concepts, (If you remember R'ha, we helped it get some attention for some notable studios after a successful viral campaign) so if you're interested in seeing Hybrids become a feature length reality, don't forget to share it.

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