Apr 22, 2013

Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" (Michael Jackson Edit)

May 21 can't come fast enough. Following an 8 year hiatus after the release of 2005's Human After All, (Tron Legacy was a spinoff project) Daft Punk is returning with Random Access Memories, created in collaboration with Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams and Pharrell, among others.

Youtube user Maim Ixed imagined an alternate reality where Michael Jackson was still alive and decided to remix the new Get Lucky track into the ultimate team up of all time, and it works really damn well. Reddit user WhenDookieCalls put it best:

'I'd like to think that in an alternative universe somewhere, this is exactly what happened. Daft Punk chose Michael Jackson to do vocals for Get Lucky, setting in motion a chain of events culminating in MJ's long-awaited, massive comeback.'

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