Apr 21, 2013

The Art Of James Paick

James Paick is an LA based artist who's rather well known in the videogame and film industry thanks to his prolific freelancing career, which has allowed him to collaborate with dozens of studios over his 9 year career (And counting). The visual designer has pioneered some rather inteteresting techniques for concept production environments (Where time is typically crunched), incorporating photos into paintings to speed up process, a practice that has profilerated throughout the industry as development cycles have become more crunched.

Paick has worked on projects including The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Infamous 2, Guild Wars 2, Lost Planet 3, Magic The Gathering and many more. As both a teacher and a well established concept artist, he's a great example of what one can accomplish pursuing a career in that field. More of his work after the break!

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