Apr 21, 2013

Oblivion Graphics Montage (Spoiler Free)

Released by Bradley G. Munkowitz, (who goes by the monicker of 'Gmunk') a design director in the motion graphics industry with over one decade of experience in the motion graphics industry comes this awesome montage of graphics work done for the recently released Oblivion flick. Following Bradley's work visually designing all the interfaces, opening graphics and various visual flair for 2010's TRON: Legacy, director Joseph Kosinski invited him to work on Oblivion over at Lake Crate productions with  a veritable stable of graphic artists.

Their goal was to create a unified UI using similar visual language and color palettes to represent the modernized look of the TET mainframe in the film, the computer unifying all the various components that the characters used to interact with the world, be it a Bubble ship's HUD or computer interface. The amount of work that went into these elements, which most people typically treat as peripheral background visuals in movies was nothing short of astounding, so we really felt the need to draw some attention to the craftsmanship behind it. As Munkowitz put it himself:

'(We) established a consistent graphic language that rendered all the interfaces with a loverly cohesion rarely seen in them massive-budget Sci-Fi productions'

Check out his thought process on designing the Light Table, Bubbleship and general HUD graphics after the break!

One of the most widely seen Graphic elements was Vika's Light Table, which allowed her to guide Jack Harper through his tasks as a Drone repair man in the field of duty… The table itself was built practically, so most of the visuals were captured in-camera, lending a beautiful optical touch to the design ( thx Joe & Claudio )… The table consisted of four screens: A main map that Vika used to monitor the Bubbleship, Drone, and Scav positioning, a Drone Monitor which tracked all their key vitals and fuel status, A Hydro Rig monitor that displayed the collection progress for the large resource gatherers over the ocean, and finally a Weather Screen which showed the Tet's online status and also key vitals of the ever-changing weather systems… A couple extra tasks had the team designing another Map Diagnostic screen on a milky-white breakfast table top and a few key standalone windows that were analyzing Rogue Signal feeds that were key story points in the film...

Jack's helicopter, a remarkable Daniel Simon creation called the Bubbleship, was Jack's paramount vehicle in the film… The UI appeared as a hologram embedded within the spherical glass cockpit, done to perfection by the lovely folks at Pixomondo, and functioned to assist Jack in his flight and combat duties throughout the film… The team researched a grip of Flight simulator and Helicopter Combat interfaces and sought to modernize the aesthetic while still delivering key functionality that would mimic real-world flight tools... And of course the team didn't want to fuck up Simon's baby with ugly UI, the German wrath was implanted deep within and ultimately, the Bubbleship UI was by far the most researched and pampered graphic task...

The team also designed all of the Machinery HUDs and various Gauges in the film, be it the Drone Machine Vision, Jack's Gun HUD, all the Scav equipment and some of Jack's smaller vehicles... The interfaces again stressed functionality over excess, keeping the Greeble under control and communicating key story points throughout the film.. All of these graphic elements were ingested by the VFX Vendors and ultimately integrated seamlessly into the live-action plates; many thanks mighty peoples...

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