Apr 19, 2013

Star Wars Uncut 2: The Empire Strikes Back Trailer

Star Wars Uncut was an awesome project inspired by the entire 'sweding' movement, which spawned from Michel Gondry's cult 2008 flick Be Kind Rewind, featuring recreated pop-culture flicks using little to no budget. The movement has spawned countless swedings of famous movies, until Star Wars Uncut took the concept to the next level by setting out to recreate the entire feature length trilogy, done by breaking each movie up into hundreds of 15 second sequences to be completed by the community.

We posted the finished version of the first film in the series back in early 2012, and the same team and community is now at work wrapping up The Empire Strikes Back, due this May. There are still some scenes available, so gather up your friends and head on over to the official Star Wars Uncut website for a chance to be immortalized in this fan tribute.

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