Apr 18, 2013

RoboGal's Cute Mixtape: The Slow Loris!

Found in South and Southeast Asia, this incredibly adorable little guy is called the Slow Loris, an adorable primate species related to lemurs. With markings that seem to give him a perma-worried expression, all you want to do is comfort and cuddle them. Yet there's a certain trait that Slow lorises possess which make them rather unique in the animal kingdom: Their poisonous bite, activated by the interesting mechanism of licking an arm gland to kickstart a potent toxin in their saliva. Nature always throws a catch in for those extra cute critters.

Yet while it's my dream of dreams to one day hang out with such an awesomely cute creature, we will adore from afar: These little fellows are known to be traded illegally internationally, and typically under rather dire conditions. Certainly not the way anyone, especially such a sweet-looking little fella, should be treated. Since having one should be a no-no, let's celebrate safely with a Cute Mixtape of the Slow loris! More after the break!

Slurp. (Via)

Well, hullo. (Via)
Night vision, activate! (Via)
Till next time, cute farers!

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