Apr 17, 2013

The Illustrations Of Betteo : Cubism And Beyond

Patricio Betteo is a prolific Mexican illustrator driven by a need to always mix things up, while maintaining his signature style, reminiscent of a modern form of cubism, a style comprised of taking objects, breaking them up and reassembling them in a semi-abstracted manner. As a mainly commercial illustrator, he's found a way to keep himself constantly challenged and diversified in his subject matter, a concious choice on his part to keep himself from ever stagnating. In a way he's the perfect example of a passionate artist, eager to broaden his horizons via his canvas rather than by other means.

In terms of illustrators we've featured, I think Betteo has one of the most varied portfolios I've seen in years, with hundreds of illustrations and regular updates. Check out a select few of his awesomely stylized pieces after the break!

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