Apr 17, 2013

Opale - "Sparkles And Wine" Teaser Is Mesmerizing

Before I start, I typically shy away from teaser for trailers and trailers for music videos, because it's a horrid trend that I wish would go away, but this particular teaser for the upcoming music video from French electro outfit Opale was too good to pass up thanks to it's unique visual treatment. Directed by Nacho Guzman, the music video focuses around the effect of lighting on a woman's face, creating an effect of transformation via playing with shadow and light.

The London based filmmaker shared some insight with us, stating that the music video was inspired by an unfinished 1964 film by controversial director Henri-Georges Clouzot known as 'L'enfer' ( Hell), which employed a similar technique to great effect. Check it out below, and stay tuned for the official release.

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