Apr 19, 2013

Music Video Roundup : A-Trak & Tommy Trash, I Am Un Chien, Fitz & The Tantrums

Created for their now well circulated Tuna Melt track, A-Trak & Tommy Trash's collab just received an awesome new music video directed by Ryan Staake, featuring a mind boggling domino/rube goldberg chain reaction spanning an entire house to reveal a tasty treat at the end. Seemingly shot in one take, the music video is filled to the brim with some rather well done CG trickery. That overt saturation just gives it all away in parts, but it's ultimately an uplifting, fun experience.

French electro group I Am Un Chien's Humanity is a mesmerizing endeavor from their upcoming album, offering us a seamless splitscreen mimickry of the animal kingdom. I Am Un Chien have described themselves as 'Two human dogs playing with sounds,' so the music video couldn't be more fitting. Directed by Panteros666 of the Club Cheval collective.

The LA based soulful indie pop outfit embraced minimalism for their supremely relaxing 6AM track from their upcoming album (More Than Just A Dream). Featuring a synchronized neon heart, a callback to their band logo. For being a group that's wholeheartedly rejected the usage of any guitars, they've definitely nailed a rather awesome, retro tinged sound.

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