Apr 19, 2013

Let's Check Out : Loadout!

In this newest installment of our ongoing Let's Check Out, we got a chance to take Edge Of Reality's new IP for a spin: Loadout! This ridiculously over the top shooter takes some of the best elements from games including Team Fortress 2, Brink and Offensive Combat and rolls it up into a truly fun little package of free to play goodness. With a heavy emphasis on tiered weapon customization, the game offers you everything from trajectory control, delivery mechanicsms and ammo type to tinker with to craft your ideal loadout.

Following close to ten years of miscellaneous portsm collabs and outsource work for projects including the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age and The Sims, it's been awesome to see the company spin up something of their own. We recently caught wind of the heavily refined beta at Austin's SXSW music/media festival, and set out to get ourselves into the beta since. Sign up for beta access over at the official Loadout website. If you're interested in following us on Youtube, subscribe to us over here.

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