Apr 15, 2013

The Customized Play : A Glimpse Into Korea's Indie Animation Industry

Brian's Film is a Korean animated company that got their start working on an anime series called Geisters back in 1998, before embarking on to a few years of miscellaneous projects (Game development, architecture, web design and animation) to gain a footing as a company. With director Jin Sung Choi at the helm of the studio, the company retains a truly distinct house style reminiscent of Tekkon Kinkreet, utilizing a mixture of wonderfully rendered hand painted backgrounds and distinctly cel shaded 3d characters.

Following years of working for others, the company is currently at work on their own feature film called 'The Customized Play,' featuring an introspective story about an elderly man coming to grips with decisions made in his past. It looks absolutely stunning, to say the least and we can only hope that this movie gets some form of localization down the line.  Check out an uplifting music video they created called 'Memories of the Song' after the break.

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