Apr 22, 2013

Dead Space: Chasm To Death is Live Action Awesomeness

The original Dead Space is by far one of my favorite original IPs from this generation. Not only did it provide a sense of horror that I originally thought the Alien franchise could provide, but it also provided some of the best third-person action out of any title up to that point. While the series may have deviated a bit from it's roots, I still hold a lot of respect for what it did for the survival-horror genre in video games.

This bad ass live action short does a pretty damn good job at recreating the sense of fear that the original created while putting a few original twists into the picture. I actually found it super cool to be able to see Isaac's eyes through his helmet, it somehow created a new level of intensity that the original game did not. I'd love to see more love-action shorts of this caliber in the future, it gives a quick snippet of what a game would be like in movie form without going off on a two hour unnecessary tangent (*cough*Resident Evil*cough*).

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