Apr 17, 2013

Little People - Offal Waffle

Last year I was lucky enough to stumble upon Little People's music video Aldgate Patterns where I was quickly mesmerized by the incredible use of VFX and chill electronic ambiance. This year, Little People contacted me with his newest music video Offal Waffle, which continues the pleasant trend of chill synth beats. Unlike Aldgate Patterns, Offal Waffles avoids all post production VFX using in camera effects.

The video's director, Emmett Feldman states, "Offal Waffle is both ominous and playful. A rotational beauty. Something a kin to a diy tribal futuristic version, of the old metal and wood music boxes from the past . A prismatic loop of light and darkness. This video is about the relationship between music as tangible form, its ability to blossom life and the inevitable slowing down to silence. Everything was shot stop motion. All effects were in camera. The main structure was built with a laser cutter and controlled by a light pulley rig and a lazy susan."

The video really pulls off the chill atmosphere that Offal Waffle sets while showcasing some great visuals along the way. If you're in need of some relaxation, this is sure to provide.

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