Apr 27, 2013

Let's Check Out MONACO : What's Yours Is Mine

For the newest entry into our Let's Check Out series, Chris and I get to check out the top-down cooperative heist game, MONACO: What's Yours Is Mine. The game has been in development for over 4 years, and it's finally hit the market, giving one of the most engaging co-op experiences in our recent memories. Using a handful of different classes, up to 4-players devise a plan to sneak through a level and escape with a near limitless amount of possibilities.

Taste the rainbow.
It's always super refreshing to see an indie game hit the market with the amount of quality and charm that can be seen in MONACO. Pocketwatch Games has provided us with a labor of love that we can't help but recommend to everyone. Pick up MONACO: What's Yours Is Mine today on Steam or head over to the website and pick it up here. For more Let's Check Out and exclusive content, head over to our YouTube and subscribe right here!

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