Apr 16, 2013

Blood Dragon: The Cyber War Should Probably Be A Feature Length Film

After leaking the the entirety of Blood Dragon (Far Cry 3's standalone DLC) Ubisoft has in been in full force with their marketing of the game. With the game's fantastic soundtrack, beautiful 80's visuals and it's overly self-aware levels of humor the game had me instantly sold, but this short by CorridorDigital is on an entirely different level.

I don't think I've wanted a short to be turned feature length this bad since Neil Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg. The props, visual effects and narrative are all perfectly in-sync for this 80's fueled beauty. While the 5 minute short was a fantastic introduction to the world of Blood Dragon, I want more, so much more. I don't care what you have to do jump this up an additional 2-hours, but I will pay for it multiple times over.

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