Apr 26, 2013

Underwater Art Exhibit Brings Culture To The Abyss

Do you like art? Do you like swimming? If you said yes to both, you're in luck because you might have the opportunity to partake in both! Andreas Franke has been a still-life photographer for over  twenty-years, placing models into surreal worlds in which every detail is planned with precision. While surreal photography is fantastic in itself Franke has stepped his game up and employed a unique spin on his displays. You see, Franke's newest gallery is a bit different than your average set-up, and landlubbers aren't invited.

To match the hauntingly surreal underwater scene's depicted in each of Franke's work, the entire gallery is being shown underwater. You read that correctly, if you want to see the work in person you're gonna have to strap on your scuba gear,  because it's waiting for you in the ocean (at least for now).

The entire concept of this makes a bit uncomfortable, as I have a pretty big fear of deep water, but I still find it unbelievably cool. The concept, titled, The Sinking World of Andreas Franke, has been in the works for quite sometime and after sitting on the ocean floor for months, the images have begun to take on a truly unique, organic overlaying filter, adding to the ghostly theme tying the imagery together.

The entire concept is cool as all hell and while I wouldn't go as far as diving down to see it, I'd love to see the photos in person. Hit the jump for a demonstration of part of the exhibit and a few more images, it's pretty damn amazing.

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