Oct 2, 2014

Steambot Studios Launches Urbance Kickstarter

We covered Urbance way back when the story of these gender-bending street warriors was little more than a hyper-stylish proof-of-concept trailer. Look how much a year changes things! Steambot Studios finally launched a kickstarter page for Urbance late last month and the response since then has been staggeringly positive.

"A mash-up of Jet Set Radio and The Warriors"

With over a third of the project's initial funding goal reached and already garnering cosigns from fellow animators such as LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite) Thomas Romain (Code Lyoko) and Hiroshi Shimizu (Princess Mononoke), Urbance seems poised to break out into the world in full force. I sincerely hope this project reaches its four-hundred dollar stretch goal; I need a full length episode of this!

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