Jan 15, 2014

Eclectic Method - "Robocop"

Whether we like it or not, Robocop is getting the reboot treatment and is set to be release next month; The first major production by fledgling director José Padilha, it's set to either do well or fail miserably. The fact that it's getting a February release is a little disconcerting, as most movies from the 'wild west' January-March period are typically Hollywood's high risk or low budget leftovers. Nonetheless, Eclectic Method treated us to a fine Robocop flavored remix featuring cut together from the 1987 classic to mark his reincarnation.

Robocop is getting rebooted, directed by José Padilha with Gary Oldman, Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. But remember the original that predicted a future in which the justice system was run by corporations and Detroit was nearing collapse? Well to jog your memory Eclectic Method has spliced it down and jumbled it up into a robostep video noise trac.

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