Jan 15, 2014

A Tour Of "Spirited Away" Recreated In Minecraft

Minecraft junkie/enthusiast Alan Becker set out a few years ago to recreate the worlds of one of his favorite Ghibli masterpieces, Spirited Away - And he's finally sharing his progress with the world. Considered to be 80% complete at this current stage, Becker put together a 4 part tour showcasing everything from the entrance to the parallel world, the night market, bath house and all the various locales in which Chihiro's adventure takes place.

The iconic Spirited Away bath house, from 2D to Minecraft.
By collecting an extensive amount of concept art that Studio Ghibli created during the features production, Becker has been painstakingly putting together, revising and improving all the facets of his take on the Spirited Away world using the limited tile set of Minecraft in some truly ingenious ways. Check out part 2-4, featuring Becker's commentary on the various areas he's created so far as part of his production. You can also follow his progress, as well as acquire the world files on his Spirited Away Minecraft website.

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