Jan 15, 2014

Baïdir - A Stunning Animated Motion Comic From Ankama

Looks like we have a stunning animated comic incoming sometime this year, produced by the amazing folks Ankama and sprung from the minds of Aniss Slimane, Thierry River and Charles Lefebvre. Baïdir has been in the works for years now, with my earliest memories of the project dating back to sometime in 2009. This latest trailer shows the fruits of their labor, and it's nothing short of visually stunning. While the project was initially rumored to be an animated series, it seems like they've shifted the Baïdir project into some incredibly high end animated comic that will be released on iOS and Android platforms sometime this year. I'll be there, day one- More details on the official Baïdir Facebook page.

Paris, 2025. Global warming has reached it's climax. Nayah plays hide and see in her room her big brother Baidir. Suddenly, the room is devastated and Nayah is nowhere to be found. This event puts into motion an epic quest for Baidir, who has to defeat supernatural creatures in a fantastic world, as well as important people on his native earth.

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