Sep 12, 2012

Akira Live-Action Storyboards

We've talked about Akira a number of times on this site because we are huge fans of the original Anime movie (and the manga that it was based off). When Akira was released in 1988 it started a massive phenomenon of Japanese culture in the United States that only grew in size over the years. Before Naruto became the loudest ninja in existence Japanese animation wasn't popular or as well known as it is now, until we watched a movie about a dystopian Tokyo with bike gangs, psychic powers and some of the most mind blowing effects we had ever seen. Akira was a landmark in Japanese animation and animation in general. So, of course, America wanted to take the idea and ruin it by turning it into a live action film, but "American-ised".

Artist Jeffrey Errico (Crank, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil) has posted eight pages of storyboards from what would've been the opening title sequence for an early version of the film, which see Kaneda, one of the lead characters of the film, cruise to the outskirts of a crater that was once Neo-Manhattan on his iconic motorcycle. The opening sequence actually works pretty well until Neo-Manhattan rears it's ugly head. Take a look after the jump but if you haven't seen the original, watch the film as you may understand the passion we have against the project.

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