Nov 5, 2013

Visual Bites - First World Monster Problems, Ninja Cumbia, Swarm, Human Race

It's hard being a monster these days. Bronto House created a quick fire reel of the types of issues that a ghost, vampire and zombie run into while trying to do the everyday tasks that we tend to find trivial. Short, sweet and to the point. More visual bites after the break!

Created for Fox Latin America by Spacehippie design studio, Cumbia Ninja is a really slick intro mixing Japanese and South American culture for a promo centered around the popular musical genre by the same name.

Created as a collab between The Mill and Lexus, this behind the scenes for Swarm shows off the amount of work that went into synchronizing a fleet of quadcopters for the carmakers innovative ad, which also plays in the second half of the reel.

If anything, this inspiring promo video by Bacon Productions kind of makes me wish that there was an agency dedicated to simply creating inspirational advertising without a need to plug some sort of brand. Watch this beautiful ad until the words 'Luxury SUV' are uttered by the narrator, jerking you right out of the magic that the promo had going for it.

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