Nov 5, 2013


It's happening again.. A lone artist with an incredible amount of enthusiasm just upped the ante: Azarkant is a jaw dropping, cinematic endeavor by Andrey Klimov, created over the course of a few months in his spare time on a miniscule budget. Featuring a lone astronaut who finds himself ordered to investigate a derelict spaceship with a truly dark secret. The visual fidelity and atmosphere that he managed to craft in Azarkant is absolutely insane considering that this was all created on one desktop computer, rivaling the quality of some of the best CG films out there. Klimov called it an 'Ode to my favorite scifi films and franchises,' which is evident with the hints of James Cameron-esque flair throughout and the Halo-esque inspired armor.

Every few months we run into shorts that floor us for one specific reason: Not the cinematic quality visuals or the orchestral sounding soundtracks that they employ, but the fact that they were created by one individual on their free time. Back in January, we were treated to R'ha by Kaleb Lechowski, which went viral enough to capture the attention of some folks in Hollywood. Panic Attack! propelled South American hobbyist Federico into a directorial gig for the Evil Dead reboot.

However, Azarkant is playing on an entirely new level, offering an experience in 8 minutes that will definitely draw some very positive attention to the aspiring Russian artist. Hollywood, please give this man a scifi feature and a big budget to work with. We want to see more.

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