Sep 4, 2013

The Pogo - An Ingenious Invention

Now I don't know if you have this problem, but I've come to the conclusion that mysterious djinni, gremlins and other malicious forces regularly find a way to wrap my headphones in mysterious ways around my office desk to reassure that they will get torn out of my PC, tangle my smartphone headphone wires and commit other such cursed tangling deeds. Many a headset have become casualties of these little bastards.

Well inventor Jon Patterson just released this very cool proof of concept video for something called a 'Pogo,' which uses a magnetic coupling system to prevent any damage to headphones getting suddenly yanked, be it by dropping, unexpected tangles or other mishaps. After watching this video I was eager to head to a Kickstarter for such a genius little innovation, but ultimately it turns out that he's in the middle of navigating the complex patent system to allow him to actually manufacture these. Headphones have been begging for such a system, so I really hope he gets a chance to bring his million dollar idea to fruition.

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