Jun 30, 2013

Mickey Mouse In "Yodelberg"

Following some widespread fan pressure on Disney to release their new Mickey Mouse shorts on Youtube, the company has finally complied, releasing both No Service and the most recent short; Yodelberg to their Disney shorts channel. The short revolves around a precarious avalanche threatening to put an end to Mickey and Minnie's yodeling duet, with plenty of slapstick for those inclined.

Some noteworthy aspects of this short include the fact that the vintage backgrounds are styled after the work of Mary Blair, who's famous for her work on Alice In Wonderland, Peter Pan and the It's A Small World ride at Disneyland and Disney World. Also, the Yeti who appears in the short is styled after the Yeti's that appear in the Matterhorn rollercoaster, another nice callback that will definitely please fans of Disney lore.

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