Nov 6, 2013

Pacific Rim - VFX Breakdown By Rodeo

It's incredible to think about how many VFX companies come together to work on feature films, taking care of various aspects of production depending on their specialty. We initially posted a Pacific Rim VFX reel from the relatively new studio called 'Mirada' back in September, but there's been a steady trickle of other VFX reels as of late that worked on Guillermo's triumphant tribute to Kaiju and Mecha genres.

Rodeo's contributions to Pacific Rim included extensive amounts of environmental compositing work and 3D matte painting, as well as simulation work on creatures and vehicles. As well, ILM handed them the task of creating all the different Jaeger cockpit interior shots, and designing the various control rigs that would be used by the pilots. The end result was a perfect marriage of practical FX and CG, which made those battles so damn satisfying to watch.

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