Nov 6, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Confederate Express

Confederate Express taps into an awesome retro blend of franchises, including Shadow Run, Xcom, the older isometric Fallout installments and other titles from the golden age of pixel games. This little gem of a tactical RPG is the brain child of Maksym Pashanin and a small team, who are intending to bring the classic genre back with a vengeance with a newly crafted pixel engine that brings that mixes retro visuals with modern lighting effects.

The entire premise of Confederate Express (ConEx for short) is pretty fun as well, starring yourself as a post apocalyptic mailman attempting to deliver packages while faced off against a horde of technologically induced zombies. Depending on the attributes of the package, the gameplay changes..The more difficult the delivery, the higher the rewards: Gear, weapons, mercenaries and branching paths, with a sprinkling of permadeath to up the ante.

With the addition of moddable weapons, a permanent crew and skill trees to boot, this game is shaping up to be an awesome gameplay experience. ConEx is currently halfway through Kickstarter funding, but it has an incredible array of unlockable stretch goals that really need to get funded. Throw some money their way over on their page!

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