Sep 20, 2013

Kin - A Fantasy Epic Begins

Sent to us by Montreal based filmmaker Ben and Seb McKinnon, Kin is a beautifully shot tale taking place in a mysterious fantasy realm. The dialogue-less narrative unfolds in a style reminiscent of a music video, in which the path of a golden haired child, a knight and an ethereal princess all intertwine. It really left me wanting more, especially considering the somewhat mysterious ending and the implied relations between the three protagonists.

Kin is set to be an ongoing multi-media project that will be accompanied by more video installments, graphic novels and a whole music album (Loved the original track by Clann with Charlotte Oleena's vocals) that will provide pieces of this entire universe. I've loved this type of concept ever since Woodkid treated us to an ongoing musical fantasy narrative with their 'Golden Age' album.

Considering the taste that the McKinnon brothers provided to us with this gorgeous piece of cinematography, I'm really looking forward to witnessing the next chapter of the Kin project. Head over to the official Kin Fables website to get a taste of what's to come, including a preview of the upcoming graphic novel and some truly gorgeous concept art.

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