Mar 29, 2014

Titanfall - Japanese Fanart Edition

Respawn's Titanfall was one of those titles that really had me intrigued in regards to what reaction it would receive overseas, and it didn't disappoint. And by reaction, we mean what sort of nerve it hit with the fanart community abroad, especially the mecha-centric Japanese community. I can't account for how well the game sold in a market that's typically had a strong aversion to FPS titles, but the community seems to have taken a rather strong liking to the aesthetic and the mechs especially. An earlier interview on Kotaku quoted Respawn's community manager mentioning that the Titanfall mechs were partially inspired by Shirow Masamune's (Ghost in the Shell) designs.

Trawling through the quagmire of foreign Deviantart equivalents, we've uncovered a trove of awesome tributes to the title by various Japanese artists. Our biggest hats off goes to Tajima, an artist with a very avid love of Western shooters like Call Of Duty, who provided the bulk of the fanart pieces. Check out a plethora of other Titanfall fanart pieces after the break!

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