Aug 19, 2013

Major Lazer - "Scare Me"

When's Major Lazer getting a movie adaptation? With the latest music video for Scare Me, it seems obvious that the collective might definitely be headed in that direction with the campy 90's era B-Movie direction they took, featuring Lazer's exploits against a terrorist by the name of General Rubbish. Quite a few cameos in this fun music video, including Nick Kroll in his most serious role yet as the general giving orders to Laser and his side kick called Knife Fight (Lauren London of Entourage), as well as Blake from Workaholics.

If you're a fan of the first Robocop, you'll also get a kick of a certain homage to one of it's more memorable scenes, minus the Omni Consumer Products. The track is from Free The Universe, which is out now via Mad Decent.

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