Aug 19, 2013

The Art Of No. 8939

Japanese illustrator 8939 is an interesting one, constantly experimenting, always walking a fine line between comprehensible and completely chaotic, sketchy and rendered. Constantly experimenting and trying out new things with his pieces, 8939's works are definitely hit and miss, but when all the fragmented pieces come together every once in a while, they produce some truly stunning results like System Of Decentering Rot above, showcasing the true talent that this anonymous illustrator possesses.

This illustrator is part of the Japanese visual glitch art movement, which we've showcased with artists including Mono, Asagiri and Terracoot, mixing diverse influences, improbable color schemes and shapes into altogether new and unfamiliar combinations. I personally have a soft spot for these highly experimental artists, as they've opened up my eyes to completely new ways of experimenting and being playful in the digital medium. Check out more of 8939's interesting illustrations after the break!

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