Aug 14, 2014

Cyriak's 'Malfunction' Is More Insane Than You'd Expect

From the depths of the insane animator Cyriak's harddrive comes malfunction, a seemingly straight forward Cyriak experience that slowly (or as slow as a 2-minute animation can go) transcends into hell. The description Cyriak has left states, "I've no idea what this video is. It crawled out from some dark corner of my computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage", which is rather spot on with what I was feeling after my first viewing.

It's always an awesome day when Cyriak finds the time to leave a trace of his insanity on YouTube, especially with the immense popularity he's gathered since through his equally insane commercials and music videos.

With malfunction it seems that Cyriak may have finally lost it completely, transforming his staple "loop animations" into pure nightmare fuel, with a batch of found footage. I'm not really sure what to expect from Cyriak's next animation, but that's ok, I'm happy to be pleasantly disturbed time and time again.

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