Aug 14, 2014

Worth Checking Out - Under the Dog

I find it difficult not to claim Japan as the final frontier for televised animation, the amount of quality animation that's released every season is outstanding. Despite a constant stream of anime, it would be silly of me to claim that Japanese animators get full reign of their projects, which explains the massive amounts of slice of life and your run-of-the-mill shonen entries. Luckily our crowdfunding friend, Kickstarter, exists for the sole purpose of putting the control back into the creators grasp.

After the success of Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart, it's no surprise that another talented team has turned to Kickstarter to fund their next big project. Under The Dog is a science fiction thriller animated by the talented folks at Creative Intelligence Arts, Inc. The team is compromised of an incredibly talented bunch, including Masahiro Ando (key animator for Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell), Yusuke Koazki (character designer for No More Heroes and Fire Emblem: Awakening), and Jiro Ishii (producer of the incredible 3DS game, 999).

It's awesome seeing the work of each individual member of the team, and seeing them collaborate on a project like this is insane.

This project looks and sounds too good to be true, but the team seems wholly dedicated to creating a top-notch sci-fi anime. While it's a bummer that only one episode is planned, the stretch goals promise a second and third episode, along with a full-length film if funded enough. The scenes presented in the Kickstarter video are absolutely phenomenal, and the team's dedication to stick with an original story shines a very hopeful light for this project.

Other than the more recent Psyco-Pass, it's been a minute since we've gotten a solid science fiction and Under the Dog looks to be attempting to fill that gap for the time being.

If you'd like to donate, hit up their Kickstarter over here. $25 will gets you access to the episode, which is set for December of next year.

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