May 22, 2014

Vitamina T - A Colorful Look Into Mexico's Vibrant Food Scene

There's nothing better than a taco when the hunger pangs strike, and Vitamina T is an absolutely delicious look into the world of the Mesamerican street food festival, an event that takes place annually in Mexico City during May.

Colorful, eclectic and filled with flavors for any palate imaginable, we're offered a look at the festival from the break of dawn till the late hours of night. In between those hours we witness the preparation and consumption of an incredible line up of local specialties ranging from tacos, tortas, tamalaes, tlacoyos and everything in between. In a humorous break amidst all the amazing imagery, we even get to see a squirrel enjoying a snack during the day.

Director Nanda Fernandez Berdillard did an incredible job capturing the essence of the colorful city, and it's gastronomical tendencies. I'd skip this one if you're currently hungry, it'll make things a lot worse.

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