May 23, 2014

"Another World" - An Incredible Cinematic Tribute To The Classic Scifi Videogame

A group of dedicated fans from Poland recently set out to recreate the opening of Another World, a classic 1991 adventure title by Delphine software that was revolutionary at it's time for the usage of rotoscoped graphics. Even as a kid I remember the title was mind blowingly fluid and cinematic for it's time, even more so with it's follow up called Flashback.

The recreated intro follows the protagonist, genius physicist Lester Knight Chaykin heading out to his underground lab in a sleek Ferrari 288 GTO during a thunderstorm to work on a top secret experiment. While attempt to reconstruct what happened when the universe was born with a particle accelerator, lightning strikes and sends Lester hurtling into an alien world where his adventure begins.

The team did a stellar job recreating the intro (Compare it to the DOS-riffic original below), and are actually hoping to perhaps get a Kickstarter going to adapt a longer form, 15-30 minute version of Another World with the techniques they learned from this project.

Handmade in Poland! Over 800h of work, months of preparation, 5 shooting days, weeks of postproduction, countless hours spent on building movie props and set pieces.

Another World aka Project 23 emerged a few months ago as an idea for a short film inspired by a well-known game Another World . Initialy it was planned as a short promo video for the Pixel Heaven 2014 event, but during months of preparation it became clear that it will be something much bigger.

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