May 23, 2014


Created at New York's School of Visual Arts (SVA), Nexus is an absolutely stunning exploration into the most basic relationship present in the animal kingdom: Predator and prey. Directed by Ho Kwan Au & Briana Franceschini along with a dedicated team of animators, compositors, matte painters and more, the team delivered a cinematic quality production about a nocturnal confrontation between a salamander and a bat.

Absolutely loved the very ethereal sound treatment and the top notch attention to shader work and lighting, which were executed at a quality level we're quite unaccustomed to seeing from student work. You can literally feel the texture of the salamander's moist but heavily textured skin, and the translucency present in the bat's wings was executed in a very convincing way as well.  The molecular sequence that occurred at the end was pretty spectacular too. Amazing work!

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