May 23, 2014

The Art Of Guillaume Singelin

Guillaume Singelin has been at it for a while on Tumblr, curating his 'Black Junk Gallery' as an outlet of his more personal work. The bande-desinee artist has been publishing various comics with French publisher Ankama since 2009 or so, including works like Doggy Bag and The Grocery. Singelin's work reminds me of the same level of stylization present in the likes of Zac Gorman and Bryan O' Malley (Of Scott Pilgrim fame), who both developed a style with inspiration like Akira Toriyama and Otomo lingering in their creative subconscious.

Within his portfolio of personal pieces it's easy to see ideas for future projects taking shape, including the one eyed femme mercenary that's been present in a lot of his recent illustrations. Check out more ork by Guillaume after the break, and keep an eye out on his Tumblr for a healthy stream of regular updates.

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