May 23, 2014

Mike Diva's Cyborg Beatdown; A Wach_Dogs Live Action Short

It's been a minute since we've gotten a healthy dose of Mike Diva's insanity, and while I admit to being a bit harsh on some of his recent videos Cyborg Beatdown shows an awesome transition in his career. Don't worry, Mike Diva's signature style is still intact (neon colors, electronic music, fast moving action, and more neon colors), but his direction seems to much more refined with a little less ADHD (not that I want that to disappear).

Yes, this an advert for Watch_Dogs, and yes I may have lost any interest in this game I once had during it's initial announcement, but it's such a pretty short that it doesn't matter. If the recent gameplay videos weren't such a bore, this would get me over-the-top hyped. Instead I'll enjoy this on it's own.

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