Nov 8, 2013

The Art Of Signal Noise

For some reason I assumed that Ubisoft had created that amazing poster for the Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon spinoff in house, but I just recently stumbled into the work of Signal Noise (The alias for James White) and was amazed to see just how many projects his studio has churned out. Employing a very tight style and colorful palettes, James' work has all the trademarks of a successful illustrator. Most impressive is how he's kept himself relevant and sharp over the years since his career started back in 1998 with fresh projects from a variety of clients including: Wired, Google, MTV, Nike, Universal and many others, while also juggling plenty of personal work to keep himself well rounded.

His portfolio shows off just how prolific he is, stuffed to the brim with amazing work ranging from tributes, editorial illustrations, poster and gig designs and more. I selected just a small handful of pieces from his recent and very charming He-Man and WWE Allstars series for you guys to check out right after the break!

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