Nov 8, 2013

Demon Queen - "Love Hour Zero" Is Filled With WTF's (NSFW)

There are times when a director finds themselves pushing the boundaries of visual media, and there are other times where they snap the boundary in half, run it over with a semi-truck and yell "f*ck it" as they drop an overfilled canister of WTF on top. DEMON QUEEN's Love Hour Zero is one of these times.

To ease you into the absurdity, let me explain this; the music video is about a breast, not two breasts mind you but one single breast. It doesn't have a body, it's just a breast doing whatever it is breasts do without a body, of course that's not all that occurs but I'll let you experience the rest of it for yourself.

Mixed with the crispy sounds of DEMON QUEEN (the newest collaboration between Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tobacco and Zackey Force Funk) director Thomas McMahan's music video is sure to elicit some WTF-worthy feels. If you're at all familiar with the musical work of Tobacco and Black Moth Super Rainbow, the music video is far from surprising but I still found my self whispering "what the f*ck" all the way through.

You can pick up DEMON QUEEN's newest album from the Rad Cult shop.

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