Mar 28, 2013

Skullgirls Ends IndieGoGo Campaign With Nearly Double

Wow guys, what a ride. Skullgirls may have been down for the count once, but fans have proven that they're not willing to let that happen again. After the month long IndieGoGo campaign, Skulls girls has raised over $829k reaching every single stretch goal and basically assuring that the game's cast will basically double.

While I was definitely expecting the campaign to be funded, I could have never imagined the support it gained in the past week alone. Not only are founders given the option to vote for two brand new characters and three confirmed characters, but the folks over at Mane6 (previously known for the cancelled MLP: Fighting is Magic) are also being given the Skullsgirls engine. 

Awesome job everyone, things like this bring a lot of hope back for the way games are headed.

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