Nov 12, 2013

Disarming Corruptor - Cryptography For Copyrighted 3D Model Printing

Very interesting tool by M-Plummer Fernandez that also scares me for some reason for what it represents. While 3D printing has been burgeoning with the technology becoming cheaper and more accessible, people have already begun to explore the grayer area of this technology, including copyrighted designs. Corruptor allows people to encrypt these models by 'obliterating' them, a 3D term for damaging a model beyond recognition so they can be passed on without people knowing it's true nature.

Now the scariest part of this type of encryption is that it could definitely be used by the type of people who have taken to printing their own unregulated firearms (Schemas are already floating around) and weaponry, which could single-handedly ruin this entire medium for many if it's used for destructive purposes. I'm all for 3D printing, but not like this.

In a time of prolific online espionage, crackdowns on file-sharing, and a growing concern for the 3D printing of illegal items and copyright protected artefacts, DC is a free software application that helps people to circumvent these issues. Inspired by encryption rotor machines such as the infamous Enigma Machine, the application runs an algorithm that is used to both corrupt STL files into a visually-illegible state by glitching and rotating the 3D mesh, and to allow a recipient to reverse the effect to restore it back to its original form. The file recipient would need both the application and the unique seven digit settings used by the sender, entering the incorrect settings would only damage the file further.

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